Parochial Church Councils

A Parochial Church Council (“PCC”) is at the very heart of each ecclesiastical parish and is the conduit through which much of the everyday church business operates. How PCCs operate is governed by the Parochial Church Councils (Powers) Measure 1956 (“the 1956 Measure”) and the Church Representation Rules 2020.


A PCC is regarded in law as being a corporate body, equivalent to a company in that it is regarded as having its own distinct identity separate from its members and is also regarded as being a charity. As a result, The individuals on a PCC can properly be regarded as the charity trustees with the ensuing obligations. A helpful guide has been produced by the Archbishops’ Council and which can be found here.

The membership of and procedure for a PCC is also prescribed by the Church Representation Rules 2020.

Parish Meetings

From 25th January 2024 when the Church of England (Miscellaneous Provisions) Measure 2024 received Royal Assent, parochial church councils can transact business remotely or by a mixture of in-person and remote means in addition to the established practice of in-person meetings. Guidance is available here.